Did you know, that job related vehicle accidents cost employers $22,000 in property damage and $110,000 in personal injury costs for each collision? Not to mention additional costs due to lost productivity, absenteeism, missed deadlines, vehicle downtime, traffic violations and collisions which occur off the job. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration report, The Cost of Injuries to Employers, estimates that a proven effective traffic safety program saves employers $50,000 per million vehicle miles driven.

Empire Safety Council's Defensive Driving Workshop, through WNY Safe Drivers, is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to provide employees with a proven effective driver safety program. On-site instructor-led workshops may be conveniently scheduled for day, evening, or weekend classes. There are no start-up costs because tuition may be paid by the employees or you may offer it as an employee benefit.

By completing Empire’s DDC through WNY Safe Drivers, as mandated by New York State Law, your employees and your company receive a 10% discount on automobile liability, personal injury protection, and collision insurance premiums for THREE YEARS! Also, drivers who take and complete the driving workshop can reduce 4 traffic violation points on their driving record, every 18 months.

As an official DDC Sponsor, ESC has demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Department of Motor Vehicles that completion of its DDC course results in both reducing accidents and a reduction in repeat traffic offenses. ESC has, in fact, demonstrated up to an 18.2% reduction for traffic accidents and a 57.3% reduction in repeat traffic offenses.

Employees who take and complete the course learn lifetime safety skills and are safer both on and off the job. Save lost time, lost wages, and give your employees the gift of lifetime driver safety awareness - announce your partnership in driver safety education today!

We will come to you to conduct the Workshop!  All that we will need is room at you business!  We will provide everything else!

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